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Network Management - EMC's Voyence Control

EMC's Voyence Control is a multi-vendor configuration management and archive tool.


Configuration Back-Up and Archiving


It will automatically back up and archive the configuration files of your network equipment.  After you have multiple revisions on the configuration, you can easily compare the versions of the configuration to see what was changed and who made the change. This feature comes in very handy when people blame firewall changes for the reason why applications no longer work. I have used it many times to prove that the firewalls have not changed.


Mass Configuration changes


Voyence Control can make mass configuration changes in a matter of minutes or hours depending on how many devices it needs to change and how many servers you have in your cluster. Voyence can make changes on thousands of network devices in an hour or two instead of taking weeks to log into each device to make the change.


Voyence can use regular expressions to use the current configuration to obtain IP addresses already in use. Once the IP address of an interface is obtained, Voyence can then write access lists that are specific to that device or location. I have used this tool to create a new sub-interface on over 1,000 routers. It took me a couple of hours to write the audits with the regular expressions, then only minutes to run the audit on the network.




Audits can be written to test the configuration to make sure it has the configuration that you want it to have. If it doesn’t have something in the configuration, you can setup Voyence to make the change to correct the configuration. For example, is the QOS policy is not written the same way on all of the routers, it can make the changes to correct the issue.


Multi-Vendor Tool


Voyence supports many different vendors’ products. I like this because I can buy the best piece of network equipment to fulfill a need in the network and Voyence will back up the configuration.


What server OS to use


When I originally started using Voyence (Version 4.0.1), it was running on Window VM’s. It didn’t run well and the VM’s constantly had issues. Support was not great because the support team was not very knowledgeable about Windows; they were all Unix/Linux people.


 I then switched to Linux VM’s and the system ran better, but I still had issues. Support was much better because they knew more about the OS.


When version 4.1 came out, I loaded the Application/Database on a physical server and the Device Collectors (Servers that SSH to the network devices) on VM’s. After this upgrade, I have not had any problems. Version 4.1 is very stable and has greater abilities to run audits to make changes to the network devices.